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Etira produced the best champignon mushrooms &, portobello mushrooms in Indonesia. To optimize our quality we apply climate facility control to ensure the mushroom requirement standard.  We choose the strategic location on 1850 meter above sea level, near bromo mountain, we have 2 location sites namely Ngadirejo and Kalitejo in East Java and also in Brebes – Central Java

Our product advantage is that we process the mushroom the same day we pick at harvest, it assures the freshness & its mushroom flavor. Everyone will enjoy the first they taste until the last bite.

Etira mushrooms best for

Etira mushrooms is best fit for many kind of dishes, from pizza toppings , healthy salad, soup, chapchae, steak dressing, barbeque & even snack crispy mushrooms. With variety of recipes, you can experience to formulate delicious menu with etira mushrooms


Buyer's Request

We offer mushrooms production for your company brand and private label on your request packing of Mushrooms in can, Mushrooms in pouch and Frozen mushroom & frozen fruit or vegetables.

Customer satisfaction

We ensure to give the customer high safety & quality mushrooms to meet satisfaction and we keep to do improvement on our R & D to find best quality product

Processed Mushrooms

We are not only sell fresh mushrooms, but we also produce processed mushrooms like Samosa Mushroom, Nugget mushroom, springroll mushroom and Baso Mushroom Etc.


PT. EKA TIMUR RAYA was founded in the year 1999 keeping in mind the availability of raw materials for mushroom production and the ideal natural growing conditions of the mountainous areas of East Java. It is a matter of great pride for us to be called as the highest mushroom producing and processing company in Indonesia.


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